Project Number: KA2 2014-1-NL01-KA200-001279

SignTeach is a European Erasmus+ project. It is a 3 year project, the starting date was 1 September 2014.

In the SignTeach project 11 partners from 8 European countries will work together. 

The objective: to develop an 'Open Educational Resource' (OER) for sign language teachers in the EU. An OER is an open website with information for teachers and learners. On this website, we will publish good examples, tips, materials, and other resources for sign language teachers.

We will do this by:

  • making the expertise of the consortium partners concrete and accessible;  
  • by interviewing sign language teachers and sign language learners, in EU countries;
  • by collaborating with experts in this field;
  • by searching the internet, literature, conferences, and of course: by consulting our networks; 
  • by means of online questionnaires and surveys.

Our objective is not to develop the 'best' methodology, or to prescribe a certain method or methodology for teaching sign languages. We will search for - often hard to find - good examples and resources and make this accessible for sign language teachers across the EU. Users of our website (sign language learners, sign language teachers, and  teachers and trainers of sign language teachers) can browse the information and choose what they want to use.

Information on the SignTeach website will be published - as much as possible - in International Sign and written English.  

You can find more information aobut the project on the website: .