Grundtvig, 2001-2004 was a EU Grundtvig 1 project, and is the abbreviation of: "Modelle der Bildung und des Lernens für Menschen mit Behinderung", or in English: Models for the education of people with a disability or impairment.

The 3-year project project ran from October 2001 to September 2004.

The objective of the project was to improve the accessibility of adutl education, and "lifelong learning" for people with disabilities in general, and for adults with intellectual disabilities, in particular.
Concrete products that were developed, were:
  • An international brochure to inform organisations for adult education, as well as organisations for and of people with disabilites, about the importance of, and possibilities for lifelong learning for everyone, including people with a disability or impairment.  
  • An overview of lifelong learning for people wiht a disability or impairment, in the participating countries.
  • A curriculum to teach mainstream teachers and trainers about the special learning needs of people with a learning disability or mental handicap.
  • A curriculum + materials that adult trainers can use to teach people with learning disabilities 'everything they need to know about money'.
In the Netherlands, a special target of the project were the Dutch 'Volksuniversiteiten' (folk universities). Most volksuniversiteiten were found to be (very) inaccessible for people with disabilities or impairments; both volksuniversiteiten and organisations of and for people with disabilities were found to be unaware of the possibilities and advantages of, and for the need for co-operation if these are to be realised.

 Partners in the project were: