Project Number: Lingua, 2004-2007

Sign On! was a EU project, that was partially funded under the Socrates Lingua 2 programme. The objective of this project was to to enable Deaf sign language users to use English written language for international contacts on the internet.

Unfortunately, you cannot access the website anymore because it was made in Flash.

The main objective was the development of the 'Sign On!' methodology and materials, using the insights and tools of sign bilingual Deaf education, in an iterative process and in close collaboration with the target group: Deaf students who use email and the internet in their national language and who now want to use the internet for international contacts.

The output: an on-line interactive sign bilingual English course for Deaf students who want to learn English and a multilingual on-line dictionary.




  • Centre for Sign language and Deaf Communication of Klagenfurt University, Austria (coördinator),
  • Møller Resource Centre, Norway,
  • Pragma – Equal Access, the Netherlands,
  • The Finnish Association of the Deaf, Education and Development Center, Finland,
  • The Communication Centre for The Deaf and Hard of Hearing, IJsland,
  • Department of Education and Social Science, University of Central Lancashire, UK,
  • Departamento de Psicologia Evolutiva y de la Educación, Universidad de Barcelona, Spain, http://
In the Netherlands, Pragma co-operated with Tom Uitttenbogert of 1-2-Communicate