Pragma is a small independent organisation in the south of the Netherlands. We are specialised in R&D projects dealing with the accessibility of information, for people with disabilities.

Sometimes we see a problem and start a project to try and find, test, and implement a solution. Sometimes others ask us to help them find, test, or implement a solution.

We've been doing this for over 20 years, and we've still got a long, long list of problems - sorry: challenges! -  that we'd like to tackle.

Most of our projects receive external funding, either from national charities, the national authorities, or the European Commission

In the past years, most of our projects were for deaf or hard of hearing people, for people with intellectual disabilities, or for people with aphasia. Above you can see the logos and names of the projects that we are, or have been, involved in.

 Click on a logo or picture, for a short description of that project, and (usually) a link to the project's website.