LLP KA2, 2009-2011

In the Signs2Go project we developed an on-line course for British Sign Language (BSL). Unfortunately, you cannot access the online course anymore because it was made with Flash. You can still find background information about the project here:

The target group for the course are deaf signers in the Nethrelands, Germany, Italy and Norway. The language of instruction of the course is the national sign languages of the learners. There are quite a few online resources for BSL; however, all of these assume that the learner can read English. Being able to read English - or to read at all - is not a requirement for Signs2Go.

 The Signs2Go project had two objectives:
  • We developed on on-line BSL course for sign language users in our countries, and
  • We developed and tested a methodology (including software tools) for teaching foreign sign languages to sign language users.


The Signs2Go project started on 1 January 2009; it is a 2 year project.


The main contractor of the Signs2Go project was the Deaf Studies Department of the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) in Preston, Engeland,

Pragma was the project co-ordinator.

Other partners in the project:

In the Netherlands, Pragma subcontracted Tom Uittenbogert of 1-2 assist with the project.