“Signing Books for the Deaf” was the name of a EU project, funded under the TAP-DE (4209) programme, which ran from 1-1-98 to 31-12-99.

Signing Books are videos (on tape, CD-ROMs or DVD) in sign language, for deaf sign language users. Blind people use 'talking books', Deaf people use 'signing books'.

The objective of the project was the development of guidelines for the production and distribution of signing books for the deaf: books in sign language, on videotape or CD-ROM.



Partners in the project were:

  • Fodok (NL, main contractor) Pragma (NL,co-ordinator)
  • City University (UK)
  • Hamburg University (DE) 
  •  GmbH (associated partner, DE) 
  • sDG (financial management, NL)