20. Back to the beginning?


And then: The end? Go to Hollywood and collect your Oscar? 
No, back to the beginning!!

Start over

Compare your plans with your outcome. Watch your video with people who do and with some who don't like it (yes, there will always be some people who don't like it). Try to find out what you did right and what you did wrong. And then: start all over again with your next production.
Too many people and organisations in the signing books field stop after one production, or start every new production as if it was their first one. 


We need to learn, to build up a tradition, to develop conventions, if only for the new generation to be able to break with them and to come up with new, innovative, improved solutions.
What you've read in this manual are only the very first steps, the very first pages of the history and the art of sign language video production in the EU. Please continue, and start thinking about parts II, III, IV etc : the continuing story of signing books for the Deaf.